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Our Mission

It is the purpose of the New Madrid County Library to make available to all individuals and groups within the county an organized collection of materials which will meet the needs of patrons within necessary physical and financial limitations. The aim of the New Madrid County Library is to motivate persons of all ages to use the available materials and facilities. The New Madrid County Library intends to be an active, dynamic force for enlightenment and enrichment of the lives of the citizens within its sphere of service.

Library Purpose and Function

The New Madrid County Library Board of Trustees believes that a democratic society must have informed citizens; that people can better achieve enrichment and fulfillment through the use of available information and knowledge; and that the public library is the focal point in the community for both formal and informal association with information and ideas.

The library has concurrent responsibilities to provide materials and services to the individual citizen, to community organizations, to governmental and social agencies, and to business and industry. Its resources and services must be available to the entire population regardless of age, gender, or physical condition; regardless of economic, ethnic, religious, or political status.

The board is aware that the economic order, social structures, and attitudes of society are subject to change. As a public service institution, the library must adapt to change to retain a relevant role in society. Its services must assist people in adapting to constantly evolving situations in their lives.

The library should involve citizens in the identification of information needs and should develop programs to meet those needs. It has an obligation to create broad awareness of library resources and services to stimulate their use.


To maintain and develop library facilities and services, which keep pace with anticipated population growth and changing needs of the library district.

To have a well-trained, public-oriented, knowledgeable staff

To develop strong library collections which reflect the nature of the library district and fulfill needs of the patrons

To provide quality library service reaching all the citizens of the library district

To maintain open channels of communication for public and staff awareness of services and programs available at the library

To utilize sound fiscal and business management principles

To acknowledge the changing needs of older adults in the library’s planning process.